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#Erstkontakt: MIA24 — Open House

  • Hafven Idea Space Kopernikusstraße 14 Hannover, NDS Germany (Karte)

MIA offers for companies a chat-bot solution for their customers for an easy-to-use possibility to make appointments, book resources, response to any question and sell services. It will improve customer loyalty and bring more new clients. Also, it reduces costs through better employee planning. 

And best of all is that you can make an appointment whenever and wherever you want, at night in bed, at morning on a train, during a day in office without disturbing anybody - all this just with a text message or voice request to an assistant as Alexa.

Beim #Erstkontakt — Open House gibt es einen kurzen Vortrag über das Konzept zu hören. Im Anschluss besteht die Möglichkeit, Fragen zu stellen und das StartUp kennenzulernen.

Mehr Informationen unter: mia24.com

Frühere Veranstaltung: 4. November
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