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TEDxHannoverSalon - DIY: Creative independence as a way of life

  • Cafve Kopernikusstraße 14 Hannover, NDS Germany (Karte)
Foto: TEDx

Foto: TEDx

Please bring your DIY Project to the event, we are curious to see! A DIY project could be drawings, robots, dresses, arduino-based prototypes or even a delicious recipe ;) ***

Dear TEDies,

Ever wondered how you can customize your newly bought furniture according to your convenience instead of following what the instruction manual suggests? Those food packages you could re-use for decorating your house, instead of ending up in waste bins? Those plastic bottles, which could be, once cut in half, be used as a stationery holder instead of throwing them away? Do you know that every year more than 2500 left-handed people die from using equipment that is meant for right-handed people? How do you perceive and use the products given to you by the society? Would you like to customize them according to your needs and desires? As the saying goes “Necessity is the mother of invention”, here comes the well-known philosophy, which strives for the innovation and optimization of products for our convenience and well being: DIY aka Do-It-Yourself.

Ever thought you would make a better politician, teacher or CEO and day dreamt that you would open your own company, come up with a new school system or found a new party? For some, DIY gives the opportunity to bring their creative senses to the center stage, for others, it’s a way of life. DIY has become popular not only with our everyday consumables but also with software and hardware components. DIY videos on the internet give us endless possibilities to stay creative and solve our everyday problems without spending time standing in front of the repair shop. However, one could argue that DIY videos have partly killed our creativity and ability to optimize those products on our own. And there is another group of people, who treat DIY as a way of life, starting from farming their own food to building their own shelters. Is there a possibility for our society to collectively adopt DIY lifestyle? Or is it just a matter of taste and creative independence of the individual in society? How do you view DIY in your everyday life? Just a daydream? Would you say these DIY ideas are sustainable on a long-term basis? Or could DIY be the solution for a creative, livable and sustainable planet?

As always, we are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this interesting and relevant topic along with a chance to watch some thought-provoking TED videos.

Your TEDxOrgs

Wo: Cafve
Wann: Beginn um 19 Uhr
Anmeldung möglich über: Meetup , Xing oder Xing-Events 



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